MAXI Urban Interface

We teamed up with MAXI to design an apparatus for Western Canada to address the unique needs of many departments in our region. Designed for full structural and wildland firefighting, the customized Urban Interface design soon earned the nickname “the Beast.” Fully customizable, the Beast tackles any emergency with aggression.

  • 4x4, 350 hp, commercial chassis crew cab configuration 
  • 1,000 US gallon water tank and 30 US gallon foam tank 
  • Narrow pumphouse with roll-up door protected pump controls and a class “A” or compressed air foam system 
  • Pump and Roll with in-cab controlled bumper turret and a chassis step stored booster reel 
  • Versatile storage space utilizing every available square inch for all your tools and supplies 
  • Full line-up of additions, equipment and systems to meet your needs 

Every call is different – the Beast is equipped to perform no matter what you throw at it.

Gary Vermeulen 
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