Front Loader – Mammoth

Designed with one-piece, curved shell body side construction for superior strength and streamlined appearance, the New Way® Mammoth™ Front Loader comes equipped with the strongest steel specs in the industry.

  • Heavy-duty, single-piece constructed arms
  • Torque tube assembly
  • Pack-on-the-Go features maximize route and labour efficiency

Rear Loader – King Cobra

The design of this heavy-duty refuse truck sets the bar, putting it at the top of the industry's food chain. The New Way® King Cobra™ Rear Loader is the unequivocal leader with an approximate 1,100 to 1,300 lb per yd³ compaction rate and superior rear-loading capabilities. Built to take on a lot of work and not a lot of maintenance, the King Cobra Rear Loader offers many of the standard features of the other New Way® rear loaders. The King Cobra can also be customized to meet the needs of your individual operation.

  • Curbside hydraulic access
  • Side-body automatic tailgate locks
  • Rearview camera
  • Two-year cylinder warranty

Side Loader – Sidewinder XTR

Efficiency is always at your side with the New Way® Sidewinder XTR™ Automated Side Loader. The Sidewinder combines the convenience of automated loading with the ability to maneuver in tight spaces to create an ultra-tough, overbuilt side loading machine.

  • One-operator convenience
  • Smooth operation
  • Faster compaction rate than any other side loader on the market
  • Strongest frame-mounted arm in the industry reaches an impressive 12 feet


Roto Pac Series – The New Revolutionary Automated Side Loader

As the waste management industry works toward zero waste deposited in landfills, Ginove® leads the revolution with the most powerful, most innovative and most efficient purpose perfected machine for Organics and MSW collection. Become a part of the future now, and join the revolution.

One of the first considerations in the design process of all of our vehicles is safety. ROTO PAC® is no exception. Standard safety equipment includes a back-up camera, conspicuity tape, automatic tailgate locks and a warning light and buzzer when the body is raised and the tailgate is unlocked.


Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

Whether you simply need to know your weights in the cab, or want to integrate with on-board route management software, Air-Weigh on-board scales provide the data you need to run your business efficiently without incurring overweight fines & penalties.