Front Loaders

With both full-size and lighter-weight options, the Mammoth line has outpaced the competition in performance, making competitors’ trucks nothing short of extinct by comparison.

These primarily commercial-use front loader refuse trucks give waste management organizations the ability to streamline their labor and increase containers serviced by nearly 10-fold. Unlike other types of garbage trucks, which could take 10 minutes or more to empty a bin, the New Way® front loaders are able to do the same work in under two minutes. In this time frame, their huge 40 yd3 capacity hopper and single-piece arm construction can handle up to 10,000 lbs of waste.

Western Series Mammoth

Rear Loaders

New Way's full line of rear-loaders far exceeds what customers have come to expect in this style refuse truck. With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, each garbage truck is designed for trash compaction, durability, quality and productivity that sets a high bar in industry standards.

King Cobra
Cobra Magnum

Side Loaders

New Way offers both the Sidewinder XTR Automated Side Loader and the ROTO PAC, a revolutionary refuse truck built for both organics and MSW collection. Each of these side load garbage trucks can be operated by a single driver, increasing crew efficiency. Add in large body capacities and the strongest arm in the industry, and you have the most rugged and efficient automated side loaders anywhere.

Sidewinder XTR Automated