We can access any equipment you require through our various partnerships and equipment suppliers.

Aarcomm Systems

Aarcomm develops innovative industrial wireless remote control solutions for remote applications. Each industrial wireless control system is customized to meet your unique requirements and optimized to work in the harshest environments.

Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

Whether you simply need to know your weights in the cab, or want to integrate with on-board route management software, Air-Weigh on-board scales provide the data you need to run your business efficiently without incurring overweight fines & penalties.

Global Sensor Systems

Global Sensor Systems Inc. specializes in the creation of a revolutionary automatic braking system that helps prevent backing accidents by applying the brakes of the vehicle should an object or person enter its field of view. Global Sensor Systems is proven to reduce backing accidents by 80%, providing a safer and less stressful environment for vehicle operators and increasing the bottom line for your business.


Lubecore designs, assembles, manufactures and guarantee state-of-the-art automated lubrication systems supporting dealers and customers in the industrial, transportation, mining, municipal, agricultural and mobile heavy equipment markets.


Our design team is always improving our products and pushing the cutting edge of technology of lifters. We put durability, reliability and dependability first. We are the only lifter manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 certification. ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety has an extensive selection of the highest quality vehicle safety products.  Backup camera systems, backup sensors, dash camera, driver fatigue systems and more.

They own their entire manufacturing process and create their own products, and can customize all their products to meet the exact needs of your vehicles.