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Proud to be an Associate Member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) National Bureau of Standards. 

"ALI, in cooperation with the National Bureau of Standards, sponsored the first standard governing automotive lifts. Today’s Institute remains diligent with regard to lift safety as a primary activity and pursues a mission of promoting the safe design, construction, installation, inspection and use of automotive lift products."

Why Certified Inspectors are Important

When you have an ALI Certified Lift Inspector working for you, you're getting the peace of mind knowing that your lifts are being inspected by a true professional.

ALI Certified Lift Inspectors:

  • Have been independently tested and certified by ALI as qualified to inspect any vehicle lift, regardless of manufacturer, brand, model, type, age or location.
  • Have passed two rigorous exams covering electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic principles, as well as basic automotive lift design and use. The exams are administered by an independent testing agency.
  • Follow industry standard Automotive Lift Inspections processes and use standardized lift inspection documentation to ensure that every lift receives a consistently thorough inspection. 
  • Can apply serialized ALI Certified Lift Inspection Program labels to every lift they inspect. Labels provide code enforcement officials with instant proof of the last time a lift was professionally inspected.
  • Are eligible for Associate Class Membership in ALI. Associate Class Members receive ongoing lift inspection training. 

At Westvac Industrial, our ALI-certified field technicians can ensure your monthly, quarterly and annual hoist inspections are performed within regulations and in a timely matter. We repair all brands and types of lifts.

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