We supply a range of heavy-duty lift accessories, all designed to make your job easier and safer.

Our most popular items are kept in inventory for quick delivery.


Cross Beams allow you to lift on the vehicle frame. When used in conjunction with column lifts, they provide complete access to wheels/tires and expand your lift capabilities.

  • Lift trailers by the chassis
  • Lift trailers at king-pin coupling
  • Lift vehicles with extremely low ground clearance
  • Lift narrow-aisle forklifts
  • Lift three-wheel street sweepers
  • Lift trucks fitted with front- and side-hanging snowplows

High-Lift Wheel Dolly

  • For removing tires quickly, safely and easily, a high-lift wheel dolly is ideal
  • Also suitable for dual wheels

Foldable Support Stands

  • Available with capacities of 18,000 lb and 26,500 lb
  • The mid- and high-range models are the first foldable heavy-duty support stands in the industry
  • Can be stored against the workshop wall with optional storing bracket

Multi-Purpose Adaptor

  • Fully ALI certified
  • Contact pads included
  • Adjustable width from 20.5” to 39.38”
  • Fits all Stertil-Koni mobile column models
  • Allows complete access to wheels/tires and side of vehicle
  • Lifts by front/rear vehicle frame

Transmission Jacks

Transmission jacks are designed for the removal and installation of transmissions, differentials and other components on heavy vehicles. They are ideal for servicing buses, trucks and construction equipment. Use with above-ground lifts or in pits.

  • Capacity of 3,500 lb
  • Lifting range from 37" to 74"
  • Lifting speed of 30" per minute
  • Fully hydraulic system
  • Dual-stage cylinder
  • Heavy steel framing assembled to the highest industry standards
  • X-style base frame for added stability and easy access
  • Precision height alignment by means of independent hand pump
  • Built-in air pressure regulator and lubricator
  • Lifting table adjusted by means of two large crank handles
  • Two nylon straps included to secure transmission to table top
  • Easily relocated and positioned by one person
  • Full-swivel rear dolly wheels to ensure tight turning radius with mechanical locks
  • Non-destructive nylon front roller wheels