Available Sewer Inspection Equipment for Sale or Rental

We have units available for immediate sale, or rental!

SPX Flexitrax P550c
Rent for as low as $4,500/month

  • Flexible & Portable allowing you to inspect your sewers from anywhere.
  • Wifi Capabilities offers video streaming to nearby devices including your smartphone!
  • Our sewer inspection equipment has the ability to inspect lines from 5″ to 60″.

Pearpoint Flexiprobe P540c

  • Powerful controller provides comprehensive and intuitive user interface, simple menus and dedicated function buttons.
  • Reporting templates comply with multiple standards to meet most needs.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 7.5 hours of usage.
  • Ruggedized case and IP55 rating provide reliability and usability in most challenging environments.

Westvac Industrial also completes REPAIRS, PARTS and MAINTENANCE on sewer inspection equipment.
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