Is Your Department Ready for Wildfire Season?

Wildfire season is here and Westvac Industrial wants to help ensure that you are ready! 

We have units available for immediate sale, lease, or rental!

HMA FIRE – Ultra High Pressure

  • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) = pump pressures above 1100psi.
  • Water droplets cut to 1/64 in size at pressures of around 1200psi.
  • Laws of thermodynamics breaks down water droplets into 64 smaller drops covering 10x the surface area.
  • Less water usage.
  • Faster temperature decrease.
  • Faster speed of attack and response time

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DRAGO ISI – Fire Suppression Cannon

  • Extinguishes and cools fire 5 times faster than a traditional nozzle.
  • Uses 70% less water than a traditional nozzle.
  • Instantly knocks down a fire to regain control.
  • Has a reach of over 250ft.
  • Blasts water/air and or water/fire extinguishing agents.

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