Vac-Con Hydro-Vac and Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Since 1986, Vac•Con, Inc. has manufactured more than 8,400 custom-built, truck-mounted machines to serve public and private environmental markets globally

The Vac-Con X-Cavator EXT is designed to take on the harshest environments that operators venture into. Contractors and municipalities alike will discover that the all-new X-Cavator EXT is built to exceed their demands.

The Titan™ Dual Engine Combination Truck is a powerful and impressive model that offers advancements in overall vacuum capability, airflow, and energy savings. The Titan is designed to get the job done faster, while decreasing noise pollution, and increasing fuel savings. This innovative machine features, as standard equipment, the most sought-after options available from Vac-Con.

The Neptune is designed & manufactured for Vac-Con adding the power of portability to an impressive line of truck-mounted combination machines, excavators & industrial machines – all accessible through the extensive Vac-Con dealer network.

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